Priyanka Chopra has some cool parents. The actress received a diamond belly button as a gift from them on her birthday last week.

Shruti Haasan. pics/ Pradeep Dhivar
PC, a regular on Twitter, posted an update on Tuesday, about her gift.

However, sources close to the actress reveal that she already had her belly button pierced in the past.

One of her latest posts on Twitter ( reads: "Hey tweeple got some rocking news..

My parents got me a diamond belly button ring for my birthday. Guess what? Just got my piercing done!

Yay!" A source close to the actress says, "Priyanka was super-stunned when she got this beautiful butterfly shaped diamond belly button from her folks.

She definitely didn't expect them to get her something of this sort.

She was ecstatic and called all her friends to tell them about it."
The actress had a pierced belly earlier, "She used to wear a belly button stud earlier.

However she removed it after it started causing problem with her characters on screen."

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