Twitter is indeed very popular in Bollywood. Now producer and veteran journalist Pritish Nandy has used the online messaging service to blast Kareena Kapoor, terming her work in the film “Kambakkht Ishq” as a joke.

Kareena went on to slam Pritish Nandy by saying he seems to have too much time to comment on blogs and through other medium about others, rather than concentrating on his own work.

A furious Bebo even advised Nandy to be more focused on his production activities and not interfere in other people’s lives.

And Nandy is not regretting a bit of what he said on Twitter. "She is pathetic! I am of course not referring to Kareena as a person but the character she has portrayed in the film. If Kareena chooses to put out such priceless acts in movie after movie, the audience won't take much time to switch loyalties. If this is the beginning for Kareena, then this is the beginning of the end," Nandy has said.

Meanwhile, the gallant Saif Ali Khan has jumped to Kareena’s defence, and has blasted Nandy too for talking about a woman in a demeaning manner.

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