Katrina’s dream birthday-holiday with her family is delayed again…but fear not. It’s only by a day. And that too with good reason.

Katrina has decided to leave on Sunday instead of Saturday because the cast and crew of New York are having a party on Saturday to celebrate the film’s success. Akshay had his party for Kambhakkt Ishq. I want to be here for our party.”

“It’s a very special film for all of us. And I didn’t want to miss the moment for anything. Besides, all my sisters aren’t reaching London until 14th. So I can delay by a day.”

She can’t wait to zip off on her holiday. Net favorite Katrina searched a holiday spot for herself and her family on the Internet.

Katrina Kaif is finally free to go on her month-long holiday. On Sunday July 12, three days ahead of her birthday, she leaves for the family holiday that she has been craving for in London. The entire Kaif clan will gather together in London and then proceed to an undisclosed destination in Italy for a family holiday.

“We net-searched, googled and finally found a place we wanted to visit,” giggles Bollywood’s most googled girl. “It was tough because there was no place the entire family would agree on. Or if we all liked a place there was no vacancy. We finally found a place that we all liked.”

Italy is a favorite spot. And Katrina is often mistaken to be Italian. But those are not the only reasons why she’s looking forward to the month-long holiday.

This would be the longest time when Katrina would be away from Salman Khan and his family. And probably a time when she would do some serious rethinking about her life.

Says Katrina; “Quite honestly I haven’t been with my whole family for a long time. I’ve been preparing for my holiday for ages. I’ve been working like a mad woman trying to finish all my work on time. It got especially hectic as the time for me to leave approached. I was dubbing for Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and shooting two songs for Priyan’s De Dana Dan. At one point I thought I wouldn’t finish on time. But I did. And I’m really looking forward to my time with my family.”From:www.realbollywood.com

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