Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, a die-hard fan of King of Pop Michael Jackson, says she was taken aback at the news of the singer’s demise but his music will immortalise him.

“I woke up to the most devastating news of Michael Jackson passing away. I just sank in my chair… words can’t express my emotions because I am a huge huge fan of his.

“He was an icon who lead an extraordinary life. I admired him for constantly reinventing himself and for converting me into a pop lover after ‘Thriller’. His music will immortalise him,” the actress posted om her blog

Jackson died Thursday due to a cardiac arrest in his Los Angeles home.

Shilpa got to know the legend’s brother Jermaine during her stint on Britain’s reality show “Big Brother” and says that she was lucky to here a lot about Jackson from him.

“I was lucky to hear a lot about him from Jermaine who I got to know closely in the Big Brother house. It was sad how the press mercilessly shred him over issues that he got acquitted for at a later stage! He was a special soul – gods chosen one…there can never be another MJ,” she

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