Vivek Oberoi is suddenly back in business, and how! Whether it's for a film that he is doing with Ram Gopal Varma or for a film that he isn't doing with Satish Kaushik (featuring Abhishek Bachchan), Oberoi seems to be in the news constantly.

Currently, in New York shooting for Rensil D'Silva's untitled film (not called Jihaad), Vivek has endeared himself to the film's other principal leads Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, and not just because they share camera space so comfortably, but because he was indirectly instrumental in getting them an impromptu holiday in New York, ahead of the holiday that they have planned after the schedule in New York.

It so happened that Vivek had plenty of solo scenes which apparently he suggested to the director the scenes be shot all in a bunch so that Saif and Kareena could take time off. Resultantly, Saif and Kareena ended up with two full empty days in New York.

Laughs Kareena from New York, "Yeah, Saif and I got a two-day break in the middle of our hectic schedule because Vivek's scenes are being shot. Saif and I just chilled out, saw some films, and ate at our favourite restaurant. It was an unexpected treat thanks to Vivek."

Kareena seems to be renewing her friendship with Vivek. "If you remember we did one of my best films Yuva together. He was very sweet and considerate then. I find no change in him, yes, Vivek and I friends."

It looks like Vivek's fence-mending tactics are paying dividends.

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