Slumdog Millionaire star Azharuddin Ismail’s bamboo and plastic hutment at Kala Nagar in Bandra East, suburban Mumbai, was demolished by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation on the grounds of it being illegal. Take a look at how Azhar and his family dealt with the ordeal, as if they were used to it.

Azhar stands among the remains of his house

His parents interact with the media and smile for photos.

Surrounded by his belongings, family members and the media, Azhar speaks to media persons.

At the end of it, he gets tired of the media circus and runs away from it all

He seems unperturbed by his house being demolished as he poses with his friends, shouting ‘Jai Ho!’

Like any other boy his age, he cycles likes a carefree soul. That is the spirit, boy!

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