Saif Ali Khan has always kept a low profile. That's precisely the reason why the actor won't start his own personal blog even as other actors and directors have already jumped on to the blog-wagon.

A source reveals, "Saif wants his blog to be a platform for him to interact with the media and not be misquoted and give the media access to him in a way that ensures that it acts responsibly when reporting about him. But the actor is in a dilemma whether he will be able to give the required time for regular blogging."

The source continues, "Saif's wants his blog to be a window to his work. He does not want to bug his fans with a daily information overload about his life. Saif would want to keep it short and simple to engage fans' interests in his films, his growing home production etc."

Saif says, "I thought I'd blog but I changed my mind. I am still thinking about a website because I would like to connect more with fans. But a blog means doing it all the time and I don't want to be that accessible."

Will he start blogging sometime around the release of Love Aaj Aur Kal? Says Khan, "There will be a Love Aaj Kal website in any case but I am still thinking if I want a personal one or not."

Would he blog to give clarifications? Says Saif, "That would probably be the only reason I'd do it."

After starting out with a bang, Karan Johars's posts kept trickling down till there were none. The director stopped blogging after November 2008. Will the release of My Name Is Khan this year-end see him return to blogging with a vengeance? Let's see!

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