Uh-oh Bebo, your cousin Ranbir Kapoor has gone and signed a film with your arch rival Priyanka Chopra. This is as big if not bigger a betrayal than ex-boyfriend Shahid Kapoor hooking up with PC.


Priyanka and Ranbir are doing Siddharth Anand's next rom-com, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala.

Fresh pair

Says a source, "It's a love story set in the USA and both Siddharth and Sajid were very keen to cast this fresh pair together." Before this, Sajid was planning to make a love story between a fat girl and a good-looking cool guy but now that script has been kept on hold as no actress wanted to put on weight for the role.

Now Siddharth is working on a new script for Ranbir and Priyanka. He refuses to say much, "It's too early to talk about it but yes, Ranbir and Priyanka have been signed on. Since the film is based abroad we are figuring out the logistics of weather, dates etc. It's a romantic comedy with a twist."

Not Kat

About the rumours that Katrina Kaif was doing the film opposite Ranbir, Siddharth says, "That was mere speculation which started as Katrina and I used to meet to discuss Bachna Ae Haseeno. Katrina was doing the film at that time but we later removed her chapter from the film as it was becoming too long."

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