All this while Indian-origin actress Parminder Nagra seemed to be stuck to her South Asian roots.

The “Bend it like Beckham’, star has changed though and has recently filmed her first nude scene. She’s shot the scene with Emmy Award winning actor Ray Winstone for her upcoming TV film “Compulsion’.

It’s about Nagra’s character Anjika Indrani who takes her employee Don Flowers’ (Ray Winstone) help to escape an arranged marriage. However during the process, things go topsy turvy when Anjika and Don hopelessly fall in love. The film is slated to air on ITV1 on May 4.

The Leicester born Nagra is said to be UK’s first Indian actress to make it big in Hollywood, landing the lead role of surgeon Neela in US medical drama, ER, six years ago.

She however thinks her new show will create a fuss as she is an Asian.

She’s said: “I always said I’d never do a nude scene but now I have. I know there will be a huge fuss when Compulsion comes out. It’s partly because of the fact I’m Asian. People don’t expect me to do that. I never expected myself to do that.”

“My mum will probably disapprove but I’ll deal with that. I’m old enough now to make decisions like this,” said Nagra who acted in “Bend it like Beckham’ alongside Keira Knightley and Jonathan Rhyes Meyers.

The 30 something star has also said: “‘Bend It Like Beckham’ was my breakthrough film, but for years after the only movies I was offered were about arranged marriages. Then I got onto ER and things changed.”

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