Neetu Chandra's shoot was stalled, and then called off, after a hotel guest objected and a huge crowd created a scene

Actress Neetu Chandra was recently embroiled in a controversy while doing a steamy photo shoot for a magazine at a hotel in Juhu. The Tasteful touching

A source reveals, "Last weekend, Neetu was meant to do a hot bikini shoot for a glamour magazine. The actress was doing this shoot with another top model and both girls were to do a very suggestive shoot. The vibe of the shoot had undertones of lesbianism with both girls touching each other and trying to undress each other. Obviously, it was all done in good taste."

Yeh bandh karo!

The source further adds, "The shoot started in the morning by the hotel's poolside. A guest basking in the morning sun when the shoot began, was aghast with the way the shoot was shaping up. She told the photographer to stop immediately and even went to the hotel's manager to voice her complaint. The crew was shocked on being asked to leave without even getting any good pictures."

Meanwhile, a crowd gathered and they recognised Neetu in a two-piece swimsuit and started saying nasty things about her. The actress was ushered into the changing room and left the hotel pronto.

However Neetu says, "The management didn't tell us to leave because of complaints from other guests but it was a mob of over 80 people that disrupted the shoot. I have done shoots like this before. It was a very classy shoot although some people might call it suggestive.

Coming back to the crowd, they were being a nuisance and that's why we halted the shoot for over three hours. Even after that, they refused to leave. Eventually after waiting for three hours, I left as I was flying out of town for a press conference."

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