Koena Mitra has just bought herself a Trek Madone 6.9 PRO road bike and plans to go biking with her friends at midnight. The actress says, "I wanted to buy a BMW bicycle but apparently they are not safe for road trips. My bike is red, white and blue with big wheels and a completely carbon frame body. It's foldable and built for sturdy terrain so I can take it with me when I am travelling. I love bikes. People were sceptical when I bought it but I've always been into swimming and bike riding."


Koena says she has always had a passion for speed. "In Kolkata, I had two bikes till I had an accident and had to give them up. In Mumbai, I rode a Yamaha until a few years back. Today I have a collections of video games which include car racing and football simulations.

My collection includes all kinds of racing games from helicopters to cars, cycles and bikes. They all have to do with racing and I am good at it. I find more adventure playing video games and going biking than in games like badminton and tennis."

She adds, "All my male friends are into fitness and though I go gymming and swimming, I find yoga and spinning at the gym very boring. I would rather go out biking with my friends at midnight for coffee. There's less pollution then and I get to burn calories. Monday nights, I go to a hotel at Juhu as it's open till late but I never go out alone at night on my bike. I am a late-night person and always loved doing crazy things. Racing and biking at midnight or during the monsoon fits the bill."

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