Karan Johar loves Facebook as much as the last celebrity.

But the filmmaker has gone on and done something most other celebrities who are members of the popular social networking site might never do join hate groups that target him. KJo has joined two such groups.


Says an apologetic Karan, "I joined these groups simply for my entertainment. I was recently in America, bored, and stumbled upon these groups and decided to check them out.

I didn't know people could have so much random hatred.

I have been meaning to leave these groups for a while now. I am going to do that right now. Thanks for reminding me."

Membership details
CAN'T STAND KARAN JOHAR Members: 40 including K Jo
Karan Johar, get a life and stop tryin' to be a model / designer / tv host - Members: 14 including KJo

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