Mexican babe Barbara Mori is surprised that her on-screen lip lock with Hrithik Roshan in the movie Kites has become a talk of the town. The actress is amused as to why so much of fuss is being made about a kiss in a romantic movie. The movie revolves around an Indian salsa dancer played by Hrithik who falls for a Mexican girl played by Barbara.

Barbara Mori has incidentally created a lot of buzz in Bollywood in the past couple of months over her alleged affair with Hrithik Roshan. Rumors had it that Hrithik's wife Susanne had left home after being upset with hubby's extra-marital affair with the Mexican babe. This was later turned down by the couple who claimed to be still together.

Barbara comes from a totally different culture where kissing is as common as handshakes and is finding it difficult to understand the Indian culture. The actress should have been informed that a decade or so ago even a lip to lip kiss was censored from public viewing. A generation of Bollywood lovers grew up watching two red roses meeting instead of two lips. Well Barbara if you want to work in Bollywood better get acclimatised to the Indian culture and mentality!

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