Much juicy gossip was spread around in the print and electronic media about Hrithik Roshan’s so called proximity to his Kites co-star Barbara Mori at the Cannes film festival which they both attended for promoting their film.

Repeated video clippings of Hrithik putting his hand around Barbara’s waist during a photo call at Cannes was shown and comments passed on how his dad Rakesh Roshan, who was also at the event, was feeling embarrassed about it all. Recently, there were rumours floating around that Hrithik’s wife Susanne had left him and gone to stay with her parents, doubting him of an affair with Barbara. Hrithik had denied such a thing and so had his wife.

We saw the couple on yesterday, May 19, evening attending the Heroes Project and Mumbai District AIDS Control Society hosted 26th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial to reduce stigma and discrimination against those living with HIV. They arrived together and were together throughout the event. Had there been problems especially after watching the clips of Cannes, they would have shown a hint of discomfort. But there appeared no sign of discomfort between the two as they looked very much in love.

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