B-Town is abuzz with the growing dosti between Adhyayan and Shahana and the badti duuri between Kangana and the actor

Adhyayan Suman, 22, is known to take a shine to girls older to him.

It started with current girlfriend Kangana Ranaut. He is also fond of his Jashn co-star Anjana Sukhani who is older to him. Now he is growing close to Shahana Goswami (older to him... again!), who is also his co-star in Mahesh Bhatt's film.

A source says, "Adhyayan is a happy-go-lucky guy. He is extremely friendly and bonds easily with people. He has grown extremely close to Shahana and is often seen hanging out with her. The couple has been spending a good amount of time at each other's houses too."

Banned from sets

An unit member of Jashn reveals, "Shahana used to hang around the sets even when she wasn't required. As a result, she was banned from the sets as it proved a major distraction for Adhyayan. Jashn's director duo Hasnain Hyderabadwala and Raksha Mistry had even fired Shahana at one time for hanging around. The matter had become so serious that Mahesh Bhatt was asked to speak to the couple."

B-Town buzz is that Shahana is close to Milind Soman as they are often spotted together.
Sources add, "Adhyayan is having major problems with Kangana due to her growing proximity with Kites star Barbara Mori's brother Kintaro.

The actor was so upset that he didn't even meet Ranaut while she was down in Mumbai for a few days after being away for weeks shooting in Hyderabad. In spite of Kangana's repeated requests Suman Jr didn't even fly down South to see her."

About the state of affairs Adhyayan says, "Shahana and I are extremely close. We are buddies. This link-up is bound to happen since she is my co-star."

When quizzed about Kangana's closeness with Kintaro, he says, "We all are good friends. Kintaro is our close friend and it requires no further explanation."

Why did he not visit his ladylove in Hyderabad when she desired so, then?
Adhyayan says, "It is too personal to comment."

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