Salman khan’s drink and driving scandal is still fresh in people’s memory when he drove rashly and ran over some poor people and ran away from the spot ironically the same salman khan is doing a ad to bring awareness for hit and run cases.

in this ad he tells people not to leave the victims on roads to be dead. stay there and try to help them out. he conveys the message not to drive when you are drunk.

A source says, “The ad talks about how people just ignore those who are in distress on roads when hit by someone. It shows a man hit by a vehicle who is left to die.”

Nikhil Saini who directs the ad says, Yes, Salman has done a 90-second ad with us. After the story unfolds, Salman comes to give a public service message. He is wearing ‘Being human’ shirt and he says, “Apni zimmidari se mat bhagiye. Responsible aur zimmedar logo ki zaroorat hai is desh ko.” The ad also has Vipin Sharma, (Darsheel Safary’s father in Tare Zameen Par) and Shailendra Gaur, in it. We are quite hopeful of driving home the point.”

well lets see if people take him seriously.

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