Hurts elbow and back while working out but returns to work nevertheless Akshay Kumar hurt himself badly on Wednesday morning while working out at his personal gym at his bungalow in Karjat.

This is the same bungalow in Karjat that filmmaker Vipul Shah has constructed for Akshay and his family, while he shoots for Vipul's next, titled Action Replay with Aishwarya Rai.

Work comes first

Says a unit member from the sets, "Akshay has been shooting for a week now. He was at his bungalow in Karjat when the accident happened.

Akshay was doing pull-ups on the bar when the rod broke. He injured his hand and hurt his back.

When Vipul heard about it, he rushed to the house and panicked.

He was shocked at the bleeding and insisted on cancelling the shoot but Akshay told him to finish the day's shoot."

The source adds that Akshay came back to Mumbai in the evening and was back in Karjat on Thursday to resume shooting. "He was treated right there and then in Mumbai. Now he's able to move around as he resumed shooting from yesterday."

Vipul Shah confirms Akshay's accident and says, "While working out, one of the rods broke and Akshay had a bad fall. His elbow got cut badly and was bleeding profusely so I wanted to pack up immediately but Akshay wanted to carry on and he did. He didn't take any medicines during the shoot."

Apparently Akshay has been having severe back pain for the last week or so. Vipul says, "Yes Akshay was having trouble with his back and that's why I was worried as he fell on his back. Akshay did get hurt on his back and was in lots of pain but he still continued to shoot and completed the scenes for the day."

Akshay's next release is Nagesh Kukunoor's thriller 8 X 10 Tasveer which releases on April 3.

Accident-prone Akshay

In 2008 Akshay Kumar's thirst for thrill injured him while he was shooting under 75ft deep water for Blue, his upcoming action-adventure movie with Sanjay Dutt and Lara Dutta in the Bahamas. The shot required Akshay to be underwater surrounded by 35 sharks.

Though Akshay is a certified deep-sea diver the stunt went wrong when Akshay hit his head against the shipwreck and started bleeding. The main concerns were the sharks, since they get attracted to the smell of blood. Even then, Akshay had tried to brush it off as a minor mishap.

In 2007, Akshay banged his head against a wooden cabinet during the shooting of Bhagam Bhaag in Filmistan Studios in Mumbai. His makeup artist, Narendra Dada, a certified Ayurvedic doctor had treated him with ointments and other herbal medicines.

In 2006, Akki burnt his right footwhile doing a stunt for a Thums Up commercial in Cape Town, South Africa. The accident occurred when Akshay was riding a bike and had to leap with the bike over a pit of fire. The heat from the exhaust pipe burnt Akshay's skin and he was rushed to a local hospital.

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