Since there were some requests, here is a how to on how to submit photos to this blog.
First of all please note the submission rules.
  • Only photos of Indian(and in some cases Pakistani) celebs (celebs=actresses,models only) are allowed. And don't waste time sending real life photos or photos of non-celebs. They will be rejected outright.
  • Full size photos in good taste only. If you send photos that have head chopped off or only showing legs or anything like that, they will be rejected.
  • Goes without saying that the photographs must be suitable for all. (Usually Indian celeb photos are!)
  • All submissions must include the name of the celeb.(A brief bio might be useful also but its not mandatory)
  • And preferably the photos should be un-watermarked. (I do post watermarked photos but usually the un-watermarked photos will be the ones that will be posted.
  • Also mention any screen name you want mentioned if your submissions make it to this blog.

I guess the criteria is a bit tough. That is the case because i want to maintain the quality of this blog more than anything else.

Sorry we are no longer accepting submissions!

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