The 2002 Miss India, Shruti Sharma was also crowned The Femina Miss Photogenic Face. Daughter of businessman(for a change a non-defence background miss India) she went soon after winning her crown into the world of bollywood. And as i have mentioned in previous entries about "Miss India's" in particular, models have a hard time in bollywood with no acting skills. They have beauty and beauty means you need to show that. That "showoff" works the first time but not after that. Similar case happened with this Miss India when she entered bollywood. More on this in another entry. For now hhere are some cool photos of her showing her legs. Ahh well she is beautiful, Miss India has to be..
Sitting On the floor bare feet
Shruti Sharma sitting on floor bare feet
Miss India Shruti Sharma Bare Feet
And more....
Shruti Sharma Bare feet Hot Pose
Miss India Shruti Sharma
Shruti Sharma Bare feet Hot
Shruti Sharma shows off her legs

And here is a preview of what is coming in the next entry on her in this blog(with video)
Hot Captures from Tezaab - Shruti Sharma
Hot Captures from Tezaab - Shruti Sharma

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