Its a posting milestone on bollyfeet with this post. This post completes 100 high quality(i hope!) posts on bollyfeet. Over the last 99 posts i hope you have truly enjoyed the wonderful artistic photos and wallpapers of actresses and models striking beautiful poses and showing off their curves, legs and oh yes their feet. My aim was to make sure none of the photos were in bad taste and offensive.
Now to celebrate the 100th post i present model group photos. Taken from different sources, two from the kingfisher calendars and the other one from a fashion event, it features beautiful models in swimsuit(and in one case not even that) doing a group photo shoot. Sexy babes, sexy bodies and one helluva photo shoot post.

A high resolution snap of girls in a pool having some fun in their swimsuits
High Resolution photo of Models in swimsuit

Beautiful models in swimsuits relaxing on a rockface
Beautiful Models in swimsuit

Almost nude models from the kingfisher calendar. High resolution snap of models without bra's sitting alongside a pool
Topless models sitting alongside a pool
Hope you enjoyed this update and we will have more in the months ahead!

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