A couple of months back i posted this uber hot wallpaper of Kim Sharma on top of a car apparently all wet and super sexy. Here is another wallpaper from the same car wash photoshoot. Super Sexy ain't it?
Kim Sharma Super sexy car wash wallpaper

There are also news floating around that Kim has split with her boyfriend Yuvraj Singh(now who doesn't know Yuvraj and reads this blog :) please comment) No wonder, i am not surprised. I think there is an image problem with Kim. Yuvraj's parents will never allow an actress with thsi kind of sexy image to be Yuvraj's wife. See this latest wallpaper:(Did i say i am not complaining)
Kim Sharma Hot wallpaper

Some bonus hot wallpapers:
Long legged beauty - Kim Sharma Super Hot Kim Sharma Sexy Kim Sharma shows off her legs

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